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  1. 1982, zx81
  2. 1987, 8086
  3. 1993, macintosh lc iii
  4. 1996, powerbook 190
  5. 1998, powerbook g3
  6. 2000, pentium iii 667eb
  7. 2001, thinkpad a20m
  8. 2002, ibook 2
  9. 2002, epia-m
  10. 2002, ss51g
  11. 2003, thinkpad x30
  12. 2006, soekris 4801

2001, thinkpad a20m

a geek can't live without a laptop and i needed a machine that would follow me all around so i would code and have fun from it. checking various ads, i found that thinkpad laptop for sale for about 8000 francs, in excellent state. this machine served me as main machine and i used it to write all my articles when i worked at posse press and login during year 2001. it was running both red hat (version 7 then 8) and the openbsd versions available at that time (:

the thinkpad a20m is powered by a pentium 3 m (as "mobile") running at 500 mhz. the hard-drive was 20 gb with 128 mb ram, an ati graphic chip and a nice 1024x768 screen. openbsd worked very nice on it and everything worked just fine. but carrying this machine was, after a year, too heavy for my back so i went in chase for a laptop that would be smaller, near 12 inches, and less heavy: i found it with the apple ibook 12" model.

i proposed this machine to the openbsd project, and miod told me that one of the openbsd developers was lacking any laptop machine and that a recent a nice machine would be very helpful to him. so i sent this machine to naddy. he has shown to be a very active comiter so this machine was a kind of gift from the project to thank him for such good work (:

the page i had written about the openbsd installation over the thinkpad a20m is back online in my "old" section on the site but i have lost the pictures for that article. but the text might help some people.

thinkpad a20m  a20m motherboard

2002, ibook 2

i took the "dual usb" version of the ibook. a very small and nice machine. with the codename of p29 or "marble" this is a revision of the original ibook. introduced in may 2001, it was just all white in color without the previous all curve color-flashy models. the machine was powered with a powerpc 750cx 600 mhz processor, also called g3e. bus was running at 100 mhz and a new worldrom 4 mb rom. with 128 mb, the machine worked like a charm under openbsd but without sound or energy management (apm) support (but those two do work under linux though). this machine had a very useful combo drive: it could read dvd and act as cdrom reader and burner.

i wrote a complete guide for openbsd installation on this ibook which is available from open.bsdcow.net with plenty pictures and explanations to get a nice 8x8 character console using frame buffer and how to apply patches and so on (:

ibook front  ibook on side  ibook from below
ibook ram  ibook cpu shielding  ibook internals


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